Caney City, Texas

By | May 27, 2023

According to HEALTH-BEAUTY-GUIDES.COM, Caney City is located in the northeastern part of Texas, about 60 miles southwest of Texarkana. The city is situated at the intersection of two major highways, Interstate 30 and U.S. Highway 82, making it easily accessible from the surrounding areas. It is also within close proximity to several cities in Arkansas and Oklahoma, making it a great location for those looking to explore the region.

The geography of Caney City is mainly comprised of rolling hills and flat plains with some areas having slightly higher elevations than others. The terrain varies from wooded areas to grasslands and open fields, providing plenty of space for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, bird watching, and more. The city is also home to several bodies of water including Caney Creek which runs through the center of town and provides a great spot for fishing and swimming.

The climate in Caney City is characterized by hot summers with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and mild winters with temperatures typically staying above freezing during most days. Rainfall averages around 40 inches per year with most occurring during springtime while snowfall is rare but can occur in winter months.

Overall, Caney City’s geography provides locals and visitors alike with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation while its convenient location makes it a great place to visit or call home.

Caney City, Texas

Demographics of Caney City, Texas

Caney City is located in the northeastern part of Texas and has a population of approximately 2,500 people. The city is made up of a diverse demographic with the majority being White (62.7%), followed by Hispanic (29.2%), African American (5.6%) and Asian (2.5%).

The median household income in Caney City is $37,867, slightly below the national average of $60,000. The poverty rate in the city is also slightly higher than the national average at 14%. About 25% of the population lives below the poverty line and 10% receive food stamps.

The educational attainment level in Caney City is slightly lower than the national average with only 19% having a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 30% nationwide. The unemployment rate in Caney City is also higher than the national average at 6%. Approximately 40% of people over 16 years old are in labor force, while 60% are not actively seeking employment.

In terms of housing, most residents live in single-family homes with an average value of $80,000 compared to $200,000 nationally. The majority of dwellings were built before 1960 and many have been remodeled recently as more people move to the area looking for affordable housing options.

Overall, Caney City has a diverse population with varying levels of educational attainment and income levels that make it an attractive place to live for those looking for affordable housing options or outdoor recreational activities.

Industries of Caney City, Texas

Caney City, Texas is a small city with a population of around 2,500 people. The city is known for its mild climate and outdoor recreational activities. Despite its relatively small size, Caney City has a diverse economic base that provides employment opportunities for its residents.

The primary industry in Caney City is agriculture. Many of Caney City’s residents are employed in the farming and ranching industry, working on local farms or in local feedlots. There are also many jobs related to the oil and gas industry, as well as jobs related to construction and transportation.

In addition to these industries, Caney City has a significant manufacturing sector that includes food processing plants, wood products factories, and paper mills. These businesses provide goods for both local consumption as well as export to other parts of the country.

Caney City also has an active tourism industry with many visitors coming to enjoy the city’s outdoor recreational opportunities such as fishing and hunting. The city also has several annual festivals and events that bring in tourists from all around the state and beyond.

Finally, there is an emerging technology sector in Caney City with several software development companies setting up shop in the area over recent years due to its favorable business climate and convenient location near larger cities like Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Overall, Caney City’s economy is diverse with many different industries providing employment opportunities for its residents while also attracting visitors from near and far.

Road Network in Caney City, Texas

Caney City, Texas is a small city with a population of around 2,500 people. It is located in the state of Texas and has an active road network that connects it to the surrounding cities and towns.

The main road in Caney City is US Highway 59, which runs through the city from north to south. This highway serves as an important connection to other towns and cities in the area, including Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

In addition to US Highway 59, there are several other roads that connect Caney City with its neighbors. These include State Highways 6 and 87, which both run from east to west through the city. There are also several county roads that provide access to local attractions such as parks and lakes.

The road network in Caney City is well maintained by both the state and county governments. The local government has invested heavily in infrastructure over recent years to ensure that all roads remain safe for drivers and pedestrians alike. This includes regular maintenance such as pothole filling, resurfacing, and guardrail installation.

Overall, Caney City’s road network provides residents with easy access to their neighbors’ cities and attractions while also providing a safe driving environment for everyone who uses the roads.