Calaveras County, California Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Calaveras County is a county located in the Central Sierra Nevada region of California. It is situated between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park and encompasses an area of 1,049 square miles. As of the 2020 census, the population of Calaveras County was 45,872 people.

The history of Calaveras County dates back to 1851 when it was first established as one of California’s original 27 counties. The county is named after the Spanish word for skull, which refers to a legend about a group of miners who discovered human skulls in a cave near Angels Camp.

Calaveras County offers visitors plenty to do and see with its wealth of attractions such as Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Moaning Cavern Adventure Park, Mercer Caverns, and Big Trees State Park. Other popular attractions include Cave City Mountain Bike Park, Hwy 4 Scenic Byway, Mokelumne Wilderness Area, and New Melones Lake Recreation Area.

In addition to its natural beauty and recreational activities, Calaveras County also has a rich cultural history that can be explored through its many museums including the Calaveras Museum in San Andreas and the Angels Camp Museum & Carriage House in Angels Camp.

Famous people from Calaveras County include actor Jack Nicholson (born in Neptune Township), author Mark Twain (born in Florida Township), politician Nancy Pelosi (born in Vallecito), musician Tom Waits (born in San Andreas), musician John Fogerty (born in El Dorado Hills) and many more.

Calaveras County is an amazing place to visit with plenty to do for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or cultural experiences there’s something here that will appeal to everyone.

Climate and weather in Calaveras County, California

According to, Calaveras County is located in the Central Sierra Nevada region of California and has a Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry while the winters are cold and wet. The average high temperature during the summer months is around 84°F and the average low temperature during winter months is around 30°F. The area experiences an average of 33 inches of rain per year, mainly in the winter months, with July being the driest month on average.

The climate in Calaveras County can vary depending on elevation. Generally speaking, the higher elevations tend to be cooler than lower elevations. This means that temperatures can range from hot to cold depending on where you are in the county. For example, Murphys which lies at an elevation of 2,000 feet has an average high temperature of 86°F while Arnold which lies at an elevation of 4,000 feet has an average high temperature of 74°F.

Snowfall is common during winter months at higher elevations in Calaveras County with Bear Valley Ski Resort receiving up to 20 feet annually at its peak elevation of 8,500 feet. Lower elevations may see some snowfall but it usually melts quickly due to warmer temperatures.

Calaveras County experiences mild weather year round with hot summers and cold winters that can vary depending on location within the county.

Transportation in Calaveras County, California

Calaveras County, California is served by a variety of transportation options. The most common forms of transportation are personal vehicles and public transportation.

For those who prefer to drive, there are several highways and roads including State Route 4, State Route 12, and State Route 49 that connect the county to neighboring areas. Additionally, there are several scenic byways such as the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway that provide beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Public transportation in Calaveras County is provided by Calaveras Transit which operates bus service throughout the county as well as limited intercity service to San Andreas and other nearby cities. There is also a dial-a-ride service for those with special needs.

The closest major airport to Calaveras County is San Francisco International Airport which is located about an hour’s drive away in San Francisco. Additionally, there are smaller regional airports in Modesto and Stockton that offer flights to various destinations within California and beyond.

For those who prefer to travel by train, Amtrak offers daily service from Sacramento to San Francisco with stops in towns along the way such as Jackson, Valley Springs, and Angels Camp. The trip takes approximately five hours from start to finish.

Calaveras County offers a variety of transportation options for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you prefer driving or taking public transit there’s something here for everyone.

Cities and towns in Calaveras County, California

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Calaveras County, California is home to a variety of cities and towns. The largest city in the county is San Andreas, which serves as the county seat and is located in the northern part of the county. San Andreas has a population of about 2,700 people and offers a variety of amenities such as boutique shops, restaurants, and a historic downtown area.

Other cities in Calaveras County include Angels Camp, which is located in the southern part of the county and has a population of about 3,800 people. Angels Camp has a unique history as it was one of the first towns to be established during the California Gold Rush era. Today, it’s home to several museums that focus on its history as well as numerous antique stores and other attractions.

The town of Mokelumne Hill is located in central Calaveras County and has a population of about 800 people. Mokelumne Hill was also established during the Gold Rush era but today it’s better known for its colorful Victorian-era buildings that line its main street.

Valley Springs is another city located in central Calaveras County with a population of around 4,100 people. Valley Springs offers stunning views of nearby Lake Camanche along with numerous outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and more.

Finally, Copperopolis is located in eastern Calaveras County with a population of just under 1,000 people. Copperopolis offers various outdoor activities including golfing at Saddle Creek Golf Club as well as several restaurants and boutiques for visitors to enjoy.

Calaveras County offers an array of cities and towns each with their own unique charm. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or shopping opportunities there’s something here for everyone.