We have always heard that there are many differences in training between men and women. In fact many routines created specifically for women and others only for men. But when it comes to the truth are not so many differences, they should be simply to pure mythology.

Men and women are different just by having a given sex, but differences when it comes to confronting the exercise are not so great because both can cope with a training routine in the same way. Despite this many people continues to believe that the differences are very large, and for this reason there are many beliefs in this regard. It is important that we finish with these stereotypes.

It is true that women’s body supports large hormonal imbalances arising from the menstruation. This fact means that in many cases they can not respond to 100% in training. But this situation is not kept every day, but only for a small period of time. After this, the training of men and women can be just as.

Both have muscles that are distributed in the same way. It’s true that women have one greater fat index, Although differences are not excessive, so training will be to grow your muscles like those of any man. Why exercises are fully applicable to both sexes equally, there are no specific routines for women or for men.

Normally the men tend to be tall and corpulent women, something that gives us more muscle strength, but if a woman trains are, their development will be identical to that of the man, and many times can reach to develop muscle more than many men. Against which many believe that women are not able to obtain a good muscle development.

Yes it is true that the level of force is priori not the same, because they have more fat in their fibers, but they can end up getting a good muscle mass provided they are consistent in the body work. But we must not overlook the fact that one of the characteristics of men is that we have easier to transport oxygen through the blood, since we have more hemoglobin than women, with what the muscular response in many cases is faster.

Instead women possess greater amount than men’s lipoproteins facilitating the transport of nutrients to the body’s different tissues, which makes the muscle recovery is faster. Something that makes it much easier to workouts.

From now on we must banish the idea that men and women are very different as far as exercise refers. Everyone can work in the same way, and we should in fact do so. It is a mistake to try to excuse ourselves with that are not men or women to do a certain exercise, must try everything and work our body in all possible ways.