Brooke County, West Virginia Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Brooke County, West Virginia is located in the Northern Panhandle of the state and has a population of 24,069 people as of 2020. It was founded in 1797 and named after Robert Brooke, who was the Governor of Virginia from 1794 to 1796.

The county is home to many historical attractions such as Fort Henry, which was built during the American Revolution. Visitors can also explore Brooke Hills Park, a 400-acre park with hiking trails and scenic views of the Ohio River. In addition, there are several museums and galleries in Brooke County that feature local history and art.

Brooke County is home to several famous people including NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. Other notable residents include former US Senator Jay Rockefeller, former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton, and professional wrestler Ric Flair.

The county is known for its unique cuisine which includes dishes like pepperoni rolls filled with cheese and meat or sweet treats like “coal candy” – a local favorite made with sugar, molasses, and spices. There are also several wineries in the area which offer tastings of their award-winning wines.

In addition to its fascinating history and culture, Brooke County offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy such as fishing on Tomlinson Run State Park or relaxing at one of the county’s many parks or golf courses.

Brooke County has something for everyone – from history buffs to outdoor enthusiasts – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

Climate and weather in Brooke County, West Virginia

According to, Brooke County, West Virginia has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to the upper 90s. The county is also prone to severe thunderstorms which can produce heavy rainfall and damaging winds.

Winters in Brooke County are generally cold and snowy, with temperatures averaging in the low-30s. Snowfall typically begins in early December and averages between 20-30 inches annually. The county is also susceptible to ice storms which can cause power outages and hazardous driving conditions.

Spring brings mild temperatures with highs ranging from the mid-50s to the mid-70s. Rainfall is common during this season as well, making it a great time for outdoor activities such as hiking or fishing.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures with highs in the mid-60s to low 70s, along with lower humidity levels compared to summer months. The county experiences beautiful foliage around late October and early November when trees begin to change color.

Brooke County has an ideal climate for outdoor activities year round – from skiing and snowmobiling in winter months to fishing, hiking, and camping during warmer months.

Transportation in Brooke County, West Virginia

Brooke County, West Virginia offers a variety of transportation options for residents and visitors. The county is served by several major highways, including Interstate 70, US Route 22, and the Ohio River Scenic Byway. These roads provide easy access to nearby cities such as Wheeling and Pittsburgh.

Public transportation is provided by Brooke County Transit which offers bus service throughout the county and to nearby cities. The transit system also provides express service to Pittsburgh International Airport for travelers looking to fly out of the area.

The Ohio River is another popular form of transportation in Brooke County. The river provides access to points in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as other parts of West Virginia. There are several marinas along the river that offer boat rentals for visitors looking to explore the area by water.

For those traveling by train, Amtrak operates a line that runs through Brooke County with stops in Weirton and Wellsburg. The train also provides access to larger cities such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Brooke County offers convenient transportation options for getting around the county or traveling farther distances. Whether you’re looking for a quick ride around town or a longer journey across state lines, there’s an option available that will fit your needs.

Cities and towns in Brooke County, West Virginia

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Brooke County, West Virginia is an area of endless beauty and opportunity. From small towns to larger cities, the county offers a variety of places to explore.

The largest city in Brooke County is Weirton, located on the Ohio River. The city has a population of 19,000 and serves as the county seat. It is home to many local businesses and restaurants as well as several parks and recreational areas.

Wellsburg is another major city in the county with a population of 4,000 people. It is located along the Ohio River and provides easy access to Pittsburgh and other nearby cities. Wellsburg also boasts a vibrant downtown area full of shops, restaurants, and art galleries for visitors to explore.

Follansbee is another popular town in Brooke County with a population of 3,500 people. It is known for its historic buildings and charming downtown area which includes several locally owned shops and restaurants. The town also hosts an annual festival every summer which draws visitors from all over the region.

Beaver Falls is another small town located along the Ohio River with a population of 2,500 people. The town has several parks and recreational areas as well as numerous locally owned businesses including antique shops, restaurants, galleries, and more.

Finally, there are numerous smaller towns scattered throughout Brooke County that offer their own unique charm including Bethany Beachfront Park on Lake Erie; Hancock Park which features a boardwalk; Colliersville where visitors can enjoy fishing or boating; Wellsville which boasts an 18-hole golf course; New Cumberland which offers access to several hiking trails; Fayette City known for its scenic views; and Windsor Heights where visitors can explore historic sites like the old opera house or take in some live music at one of its many local bars or pubs.

Brooke County offers something for everyone – from big cities full of life to small towns offering plenty of charm – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who visit.