Blaine County, Nebraska Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Blaine County is located in the Sandhills region of Nebraska and is home to a population of just under 4,000 people. The county was founded in 1885 and was named after James G. Blaine, a former U.S. Secretary of State.

The county consists of several small towns including Dunning, Brewster, Taylor, and Elba. The largest town is Arcadia which is home to around 830 people. Blaine County is known for its natural beauty with rolling hills and grasslands surrounded by forests and rivers. It also boasts some of the best hunting, fishing, camping, ATV riding and other outdoor activities in the state.

The area has plenty to offer visitors in terms of attractions as well. There are several museums such as the Arcadia Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from the early days of Blaine County’s settlement as well as art galleries showcasing local artists’ work. Other attractions include hiking trails at Fort Robinson State Park as well as golf courses throughout the county.

Famous people from Blaine County include actress Hilary Swank who was born in Lincoln but grew up in nearby Dunning and actor Wilford Brimley who was born in Dunning and attended high school at nearby Arcadia High School before moving to California to pursue his acting career.

Blaine County offers a unique combination of natural beauty along with plenty of attractions that make it an ideal destination for those looking for outdoor recreation or cultural experiences.

Climate and weather in Blaine County, Nebraska

According to, Blaine County is located in the Sandhills region of Nebraska and has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. The average temperatures range from lows of 17 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The county receives approximately 18 inches of precipitation annually, most of which falls between April and September. Snowfall is also common during the winter months, with an average of 30 inches per year.

The climate in Blaine County can vary greatly depending on location and elevation. In some areas, temperatures can reach as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, while other areas remain relatively mild throughout the year.

The area is also prone to severe weather patterns such as thunderstorms, hail storms, and tornadoes. During the spring months, thunderstorms are common as warm air masses move across the area from south to north. Hail storms are also common during this time due to high winds associated with these storms. Tornadoes are relatively rare but can occur at any time during the year with peak season being May through July.

Blaine County has a unique climate that can be both mild and extreme depending on location and season. The area experiences hot summers, cold winters, and severe weather patterns such as thunderstorms, hail storms, and tornadoes throughout the year making it an ideal destination for those looking for a variety of weather conditions.

Transportation in Blaine County, Nebraska

Blaine County, Nebraska offers a variety of transportation options for those looking to get around. The county is served by several major highways, including Interstate 80, which runs from west to east through the county and connects the towns of Arcadia and Dunning. US Highway 30 also runs through the county and connects the towns of Brewster and Anselmo.

For public transportation, Blaine County has several bus routes operated by the Blaine County Transit System that provide service throughout the area. These buses run on a fixed route schedule with stops at major destinations such as schools, shopping centers, and hospitals. The system also offers an on-demand service in some areas that allows passengers to request rides in advance.

The county also has an airport located in Arcadia that serves as a hub for cargo flights as well as private planes. The airport offers two runways for takeoffs and landings, as well as a terminal building with rental car services available.

Lastly, Blaine County is home to several taxi services which offer door-to-door service throughout the area. These services can be used for short trips or longer journeys depending on your needs.

Blaine County provides a range of transportation options for those looking to get around. Whether you need public transit or private transportation, there are plenty of options available to get you where you need to go.

Cities and towns in Blaine County, Nebraska

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Blaine County, Nebraska is home to a number of cities and towns that offer a variety of experiences for visitors and residents alike. The largest city in the county is Arcadia, which serves as the county seat and is home to over 1,200 people. Arcadia is known for its historic downtown area, which features several historic buildings as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

The town of Brewster lies just south of Arcadia and is home to around 400 people. Brewster was founded in 1887 and is known for its picturesque streets lined with Victorian-style homes. The town also has a vibrant arts scene, with several galleries showcasing local artwork.

To the east of Arcadia lies Dunning, which has a population of around 200 people. Dunning was founded in 1882 and is known for its rural charm, with rolling hills, lush pastures, and plenty of open space. The town also has an active community center that hosts regular events such as farmers markets and concerts in the park throughout the year.

Further south lies Anselmo, which has a population of around 200 people. Anselmo was founded in 1888 and today it remains largely unchanged from its original form with many old-fashioned buildings still standing throughout town. The area also offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing on nearby lakes or hiking through the nearby prairies.

Lastly, there’s Gandy, which has a population of just over 100 people making it one of the smallest towns in Blaine County. Gandy was founded in 1887 but today it’s best known for its annual Gandy Days festival where visitors can enjoy live music, food vendors, carnival rides, and more.

Blaine County offers something for everyone from small towns to bustling cities. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions there’s something here to please everyone.