Blackford County, Indiana Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Blackford County, Indiana is located in the east-central part of the state, just south of Jay County. It is bordered by Wells County to the north, Randolph County to the east, Grant and Delaware counties to the south, and Jay and Adams counties to the west. The county seat is Hartford City which is located in the center of Blackford County. As of 2018, Blackford County had a population of 12,723 people.

Blackford County was originally part of Randolph and Jay counties when it was established in 1837. It was named after Judge Isaac Blackford who served on Indiana’s Supreme Court from 1817-1853. In 1838 Hartford City was designated as the county seat and by 1840 there were already 1,200 people living there. The first railroad arrived in 1862 and for many years railroads were one of the main sources of economic development in Blackford County.

Today, Blackford County offers visitors a variety of attractions including museums such as The History Museum at Courthouse Square or The National Model Aviation Museum which celebrates model aviation history from around the world. There are also many outdoor recreation opportunities such as golf courses, hiking trails, picnic areas or fishing spots along with several parks like Lake James State Park or Shady Lake Park which both offer camping facilities and plenty of activities for a fun day out.

Blackford County also has a rich cultural heritage with several famous people having been born or lived there including former Vice President Thomas A Hendricks who was born near Eaton; famous author Booth Tarkington who wrote “The Magnificent Ambersons”; actor/comedian Bill Cosby who spent his teenage years in Hartford City; Pulitzer Prize winning poet James Whitcomb Riley; and former U.S Senator Birch Bayh who grew up near Montpelier.

With its rich history, cultural heritage and abundance of attractions Blackford County has something for everyone whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation activities or want to explore its museums and historic sites.

Climate and weather in Blackford County, Indiana

According to, Blackford County, Indiana is located in the Midwestern United States and experiences a humid continental climate. The county is characterized by warm summers and cold winters with temperatures ranging from an average of 15°F in January to an average of 77°F in July.

Rainfall is abundant throughout the year with an average annual precipitation of 37.6 inches. Snowfall is also common during the winter months with an average of 24 inches per year. The county usually experiences its first snowfall in November and its last snowfall in April.

Springtime in Blackford County brings warmer temperatures and blooming flowers as well as occasional thunderstorms that can bring heavy rainfall and strong winds. As summer approaches temperatures begin to rise and humidity increases, making for hot and muggy days with frequent thunderstorms, some of which can be severe.

Fall brings cooler temperatures along with shorter days as daylight savings time ends. Although rainfall decreases during this season, there are still occasional showers that bring much needed moisture to the area’s vegetation.

Winter brings cold temperatures along with occasional snowstorms that can bring several inches of snow to the area, making for great winter recreational activities such as skiing or snowboarding at one of Blackford County’s local ski resorts. Blizzards are also possible during this season, although they are rare due to Blackford County’s location further south than other parts of Indiana and the Midwest region overall.

Blackford County experiences a wide range of weather throughout the year including warm summers, cold winters, abundant rainfalls, occasional snowfalls, thunderstorms, blizzards and everything else that comes along with living in a humid continental climate.

Transportation in Blackford County, Indiana

Blackford County, Indiana is served by a variety of transportation options to meet the needs of its residents. The county is located in close proximity to larger cities such as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, allowing for easy access to both of these metropolitan areas.

The two main highways that serve Blackford County are US 31 and US 27. US 31 runs north to south through the county connecting it with cities such as Muncie, Kokomo, and Indianapolis while US 27 runs east to west connecting it with cities such as Fort Wayne and Richmond. For those travelling within the county itself there are several state roads such as SR 18, SR 26 and SR 28.

Public transportation in Blackford County is provided by the Eastern Indiana Regional Transit Authority (EIRTA). This organization provides bus routes throughout Blackford County including routes from Hartford City to Muncie, Hartford City to Marion, Montpelier to Muncie and Hartford City to Fort Wayne.

For those looking for alternative transportation options there are a number of taxi companies in the area that provide services throughout Blackford County. Additionally, there are several bike paths and trails located throughout the county for cyclists looking for a safe place to ride their bikes.

Finally, there are several airports located near Blackford County including Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA), Indianapolis International Airport (IND) and Louisville International Airport (SDF). These airports provide access for those travelling further distances or even internationally.

Blackford County provides its residents with a wide variety of transportation options ranging from highways and state roads for those travelling by car or bus routes for those using public transportation all the way up to airports for longer trips or international travel.

Cities and towns in Blackford County, Indiana

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Blackford County, Indiana is home to several cities and towns that provide its residents with a variety of amenities. The county seat of Blackford County is Hartford City, which is located in the center of the county. Hartford City is home to several businesses and organizations such as the Blackford County Courthouse, the Blackford County Historical Society Museum, and a number of shops and restaurants.

Montpelier is another city located in Blackford County. It is located on US 27 in the northern part of the county and serves as a hub for many local businesses. Montpelier also has several parks including the Montpelier Park & Recreation Area which features a swimming pool, playgrounds, tennis courts, and more.

Upland is another city located in Blackford County. It lies just south of Hartford City along US 27 and is home to several businesses including a grocery store, restaurant, hardware store, bank and more. Upland also has two parks—the Upland Park & Recreation Area which features an amphitheater for concerts and plays as well as an outdoor pool—and Upland Memorial Park which features trails for walking or biking.

Other cities located in Blackford County include Dunkirk, Shamrock Lakes, Mill Grove, Washington Township and Jackson Township. Each of these cities provides its residents with access to local businesses such as restaurants and shops while also providing access to parks or other outdoor recreational areas for those looking to enjoy nature or get some exercise outside.

In addition to these cities there are also several townships located throughout Blackford County including Licking Township, Washington Township, Jackson Township and Harrison Township amongst others. These townships provide their residents with access to local businesses while also providing them with access to outdoor recreational activities such as fishing ponds or hiking trails depending on which township they live in.

Blackford County provides its residents with access to several cities that offer amenities such as shops or restaurants while also providing them with access to townships that offer outdoor recreational activities for those looking to enjoy nature or get some exercise outside.