Bikerunning is a machine aeraobica curious, at first seems a bicycle but making the gesture it is as if we were running. This makes that we work the aerobic system mixing two basic motor patterns in the sportsman: running and cycling.

With respect to a normal bike, the bottom bracket axle is more delayed, rods are longer and have a longer handlebar to be able to support us. With this position we do more than increase the degree of hip extension, What will involve to a greater extent these muscles.

Bikerunning is an invention which It imitates the mechanics of career, but with the advantage of not stepping on the floor. Disadvantages: it is required for certain flexibility to perform the movement, so if you’re muscles something shortened you will want them to do the movement.

This machine is not advisable for athletes who have had a knee injury, because it is a movement that partly force to bend excessively. And as you can see, lies heavy on the perineal area to sit, with what a gel liner is a must for not compromising the vascular irrigation area.

In short, it would have to try it, sure that some do very well and enjoy with this new pileup and others would cost them more on the issue of flexibility and the position on the bike.