Best Milk Cow That Drink of Soy for Muscle Mass

McMaster University of Canada has produced a surprising study showing that cow’s milk is better than of the soybean milk to build muscle mass, i.e. proteins containing milk are much more appropriate to that which contains soya drink.

The study used data obtained from 56 young men who formed two groups that underwent them various endurance exercises, providing for 10 weeks two glasses of milk cow skimmed the first group and two glasses of beverage of soybean to the second group one hour after exercise.
Several variables were taken into account as the size of the muscle mass and strength that it was able to develop. After comparing the results it was found that acquired muscle mass was greater with cow’s milk.

The answer lies in the milk protein content, although it is not known very well, since after having analyzed the protein composition of each product, they did not see significant differences. Investigators sense possibly casein and serum presenting cow’s milk with certain virtues that encourage muscle growth.

If you have intention to improve your muscle mass, one of the foods that you should include in your diet as this study is cow’s milk. Although soy drink has great nutritional properties, it is not the more favourable in this case, muscle development.