The matroswimming is in fashion. There are courses in most of public swimming pools and gyms. The benefits of the matroswimming or swimming with babies are numerous, mainly that babies enjoy this activity and there lies its success. But let’s see a little more about swimming with babies.

Or should we rather say baths with babies, because what is actually swim, swim rather little… It is not that they are small Phelps or Weissmullers, but benefit from many other aspects of the bathroom, ranging from motor skills to self esteem and affection.

Losing the fear of water

The objective of the matroswimming is to become familiar with the environment and to learn, with the passage of time, to float and to put the head. Children lose the fear of water, and although they are very small for acquiring and developing autonomy in this environment, we could say is not les for anything unknown, since liquid have been during the months of pregnancy, the womb of mother. Check Therightbras for bikinis and bras.

For this reason babies are perfectly equipped with reflexes that make easier their development in water. Now, their movements are freer and babies acquire agility and, with the passage of time, water safety, such as the successful thanks to the autonomous floating. This security and confidence lead to self-esteem.

Psychomotor development

Few months baby can not move easily out of the water, not even walking or crawling. In water gives it agility and freedom of movement important (within that we support them). Already small they acquire notions of displacement and distances, greater sensitivity to their own movements and ultimately a greater gross motor coordination, which will refine.

The resistance that water offers to the movements of the baby favors muscular development, and some children may advance the time of the crawling or the first steps to having more capacity and strength (although it does not have to be related, and late or early all babies do so).

Younger babies playing with their parents with tables, rubber balls, mats, “floating churros” and floating toys to make them easier and more fun activity pool. Only with the passage of the years they will cork boards, and will be able to make their first strokes, dominating different techniques and styles.

Cardiorespiratory fitness strengthening

Swimming, moving in the water, strengthens the heart and lungs to make them work. Breathing in the pool, exercising, increase efficiency in the oxygenation and blood transfer. At this point, we have to remember that infants with respiratory problems for or allergies, there are certain risks of swimming, and which in some countries is discouraged in these cases.

Strengthen the affective relationship with parents

Is often recommended to be parents who bathe with the baby, and thus enjoying a pleasurable activity, encourages the emotional link, It reinforces confidence in dads. Mutual knowledge grows and increases love and trust between them. The presence of the father or mother in the water is also essential during the first days, in which babies may have fear of novelty.

In addition, parents learn to interact with the kids in the water, what exercises to do with them and how continue to enjoy the matroswimming out of the workshops. Because ultimately, more that a didactic or pedagogical experience is a fun experience, dominated the game and fun. This emotional strengthening increases the self-esteem of the baby.


Babies begin to develop in a social environment with other babies and adults in a playful environment, accompanied by their parents, without traumas. “Meet” other children, monitors, other dads and moms, and share activities with other babies will give you confidence to communicate with others and help build the image of himself.

Considerations for a safe matroswimming

Finally, we must remember that in Spain the Spanish Association of Paediatrics not advised swimming with babies, despite the news that speak of possible respiratory problems in children due to the excess of chlorine and some other risks of swimming for babies and children.

What is important is Choose pools specially prepared for babies: According to the own ASP this increased risk does not happen if there are levels of chlorination of water in pools within established limits and the aeration of the facilities is suitable.

In addition, there are other water disinfection mechanisms other than chlorine, which is the most problematic component, so there are more possibilities to choose the best pool for babies.

In short, taking into account the above considerations, if there is no medical contraindication and the swimming pool is suitable, the benefits of the matroswimming or swimming with babies are numerous, mainly here, and “achievements” sporting future aside, what children and parents when they are encouraged to share these wonderful moments.


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