Constantly we are resorting to elaborate and complex training routines when really the simplicity and traditional tends to be the best trump card when it comes to exercise different muscles of the body. This happens when we work the pectoral, one of the best ways is to do it is as always has done, making known push-ups.

This exercise does not require of any kind of weight to be, Since simply will help us with our own body to overcome it and thereby stimulating the fibers of the muscles that make up this part of the body, to grow. It’s a simple exercise that can all carry out, and that will not only serve to train chest and get done in the best possible way, but involving other parts of the body that we will also work.

It is not always necessary to pull dumbbells or weights banks to develop the pectoral. In this case simply will help us with our body and a surface where do push-ups. Is a traditional exercise of all training tables through which, and with our own weight, we will train the chest and we will be able to grow as a whole. But not only the chest will be stimulating, but rather the triceps and shoulders will be other muscles that we will exercise.

Against what many people think, the flexions are an exercise that we can not ignore and which must be present in our workout routines, since We can vary it at whim to affect an area or another the chest and so achieve the results we are looking for. The same thing happens when we only work force or the explosion of the muscle or the same resistance. Just simply make minor variations to the classic pushups.

When working the part top chest, we just have to put legs on something high to impinge more on the front part of the chest. To work the lower area We must place the hands raised more than the feet. If we want to increase push-up strength we can perform asymmetrical bending that it consist of placing a hand resting on the floor and the other on a high point. Another option is to place a disc with the weight on the back to beat more weight when it comes to rise and thus increase the resistance.

One thing I We must not neglect the position, and it is that to perform correctly bending it is necessary that we put full-body straight and maintain as well throughout the year, as the arms are which must work only, in no case should bend back or push us with the legs, then the effect never will be that we are looking for.