Beckham County, Oklahoma Weather

By | July 22, 2023

According to, Beckham County is located in the western part of Oklahoma, just east of the Texas border. It covers an area of 1,722 square miles and has a population of 22,119 people according to the 2020 census. The county is named after J.C.W. Beckham, a former Governor of Kentucky who served from 1900 to 1907.

The county was created in 1907 when the Oklahoma Territory was divided into counties and has since been home to many Native American tribes including the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, as well as settlers from other areas of the United States such as Texas and Arkansas.

Beckham County is home to some popular attractions including Foss Lake State Park which offers camping, fishing, boating, swimming, and more; Elk City Lake which is great for fishing; and Lake Altus-Lugert which also offers camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. There are also several museums located in Beckham County such as the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City and the Pioneer Museum in Sayre which offer visitors a chance to learn about local history.

The county is also home to several famous people including singer Reba McEntire who was born in Chockie; actor Gene Hackman who was born in El Reno; actress Lynda Carter who was born in Tulsa; country music artist Toby Keith who was born in Clinton; actor Gary Busey who was born in Goose Creek; professional golfer Scott Verplank who grew up near Sayre; NBA Hall of Famer Wayman Tisdale who grew up near Holdenville; professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” who grew up near Anadarko; and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller who grew up near Edmondson.

Beckham County offers visitors plenty to do with its attractions, museums, and outdoor activities such as camping or fishing at one of its lakes or parks, plus its rich history and culture make it a great place to visit.

Climate and weather in Beckham County, Oklahoma

According to, Beckham County, Oklahoma has a temperate climate with mild winters and hot summers. The average yearly temperature is 63°F (17°C) with temperatures ranging from 40°F (4°C) in the winter to 88°F (31°C) in the summer. The area receives an average of 28 inches of rainfall per year with most of it occurring between April and October.

The area can experience strong winds during the spring and summer months, especially in May and June when wind gusts can reach up to 50 miles per hour. Thunderstorms are common during the summer months, often bringing hail, strong winds, and occasionally tornadoes.

Snowfall is rare in Beckham County but can occur between late November and early March with an average of 5-6 inches per year. Although snowfall is rare, ice storms are more common due to cold temperatures combined with rain or freezing rain.

Beckham County experiences about 200 days of sunshine each year which makes it a great place for outdoor activities such as camping or fishing at one of its lakes or parks. However, visitors should be aware that extreme heat can occur during the summer months so it’s important to take precautions such as wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water when outdoors during these times.

Transportation in Beckham County, Oklahoma

Beckham County, Oklahoma offers a variety of transportation options for visitors. The most popular form of transportation in the area is by car, with well-maintained roads and highways connecting the county to nearby cities and towns. The state capital, Oklahoma City, is located about 90 miles away from Beckham County while Tulsa is about 150 miles away.

Public transportation within Beckham County is limited but there are several bus routes that run through the county connecting it to nearby cities and towns. There are also several taxi companies operating in the area which can be used for local travel or to connect to other parts of Oklahoma.

For those looking for a more unique way to explore Beckham County, there are also several horseback riding trails available.

Cities and towns in Beckham County, Oklahoma

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Beckham County, Oklahoma is home to several cities and towns. The largest city in the county is Elk City, located in the western part of the county. Elk City has a population of about 11,000 and is known for its historic downtown area, which includes several antique stores and restaurants.

The second-largest city in Beckham County is Sayre, located just south of Elk City. Sayre has a population of about 3,500 and is home to a variety of attractions including the Beckham County Museum and the Sayre Memorial Park.

The third-largest city in Beckham County is Erick, which has a population of about 2,200. Erick is known for its historic downtown area as well as its annual rodeo held every summer.

Other cities and towns located in Beckham County include Sweetwater, Texola, Dill City, Foss, Gage and Putnam City. Sweetwater has a population of about 1,000 while Texola has a population of around 300 people. Dill City has a population of about 500 while Foss has just over 100 residents living there. Gage and Putnam City both have populations under 200 people each.

Although small in size compared to other parts of Oklahoma, Beckham County offers visitors plenty to explore with its many cities and towns offering unique attractions for visitors to enjoy wherever they go.