Now that it becomes summer, water and swimming pools are almost part of our every day. Physical activity in the water is not only limited to swimming. There are plenty of patterns in the world of fitness can be in the water and that we will get many benefits, let’s have a review at several of them:

  • Aquacycle: What is spinning in the water. A highlight of this modality is that pedaling is slow because of the resistance of the water and the knee does not suffer so much. Is a very fun and motivating activity where besides the factor of aerobic work the muscle toning.
  • Aquabox: Here the choreographies of boxing are more fun to have as opponent into the water. Throwing punches with the resistance of the water increase the intensity and allow us a greater muscle work.
  • Aquarunning: spent four times more calories running in the water than on land, the reason is obvious, we have to go away water in the middle and this increases the fatigue. In this type of activity should bear in mind the break between series and running speed, since it tends to run as if we were on floor.
  • WOGA: yoga in the water seeks the realization of the same movements and breaths than traditional yoga but further checking the position of the body to find us in a more unstable environment.
  • Water aerobics: the choreography of aerobics also move pool to add extra intensity and result in improvements in the work of the muscles that look for the balance. To play with arms in and out of the water to make the choreography is also a point in favor of this aquatic mode.
  • Other: have already seen in HowStuffWorks in more detail, such as: Fitball, aquastep and pilates

Benefits of the aquafitness: as we have described in various modalities, the water provides an extra intensity exercise affecting improvements in strength, endurance and a greater calorie expenditure. The water provides us with a sense of well-being and freshness with which face better physical activity. Being in an unstable environment also proprioception works and the risk of falls due to the liquid element is null, lesions are therefore practically out of this type of modalities.