Swimming It is one of the sports preferred by many of us, and is that it is a good choice, since it is one of the best ways to practice sport to involve all parts of the body in a way that avoids the impacts and improves the mobility of the body.

But when it comes to swimming we must bear in mind that the routine is essential for best results. Just as we do when we train with weights, we have that establish a routine. We will propose a type routine to practice swimming properly from Pharmacylib offering quality swimsuits.

First of all, we have that look the sessions We will carry out a week. To start, we can do it with twice a week where we set goals of 400 to 600 metres per week. We will be gradually increasing the distance up to 1,600 metres per week. Accomplished this goal we can extend the weekly sessions to three or four.

Before swimming, we have that heat in dry joints, they are going to support the majority of the pressure. But not only must also do it in dry, but water must heat. We will begin extending the warmups we have done dry, and will swim for 10 minutes at a mild pace to acclimatise to the conditions of the pool.

For prepare your legs and arms and not to lose much of the energy in the effort can help us with small floats that allow us to isolate perfectly your legs and arms without involving other parts of the body and thus prevent excessive wear that will affect our performance at the time of the swimming.

Once prepared for the exercise we have that Start non-stop to carry out a series of 25 to 50 meters until the brands that we have established. It is important to give the maximum to try and hold the largest number of meters.

At the end of our routine We don’t have to stop suddenly, Since it may be detrimental to our muscles, the blood concentration is maximum. To avoid this we must devote 10 minutes to swim so relaxed and slow to get our body to recover. This will help us to improve recovery and speed it up, to get some muscles better.