All-In-One-Insulator, Sleeping Bag And Tent All Together!

There are three things you can’t miss at a camp in cold weather.What are?
If you answered waterproof Tent, sleeping bag, and BINGO!

And guess what … the Polarmond, a start-up, Switzerland launched an outfit that is the 3:00 pm 1. Is the “all-in-One Sleeping System”.

All in One Insulator Sleeping Bag and Tent All Together1

Well, actually there are three parts that can be used according to the needs of the situation and climate. Grants below:

Polarmond ® all-in-ONE sleep shell is the part where the body is protected, with the insulation and sleeping bag.

Polarmond ® all-in-ONE bivouac is a kind of sleeping bag cover to be used in the head, to a bivouac with protection for unit, serene and animals. Polarmond ® all-in-ONE tent is the part of the tent, which is armed only in the head and that offers great protection and still provides an extra area, where you can store bag, sit and even cooking.

All in One Insulator Sleeping Bag and Tent All Together2

Now see in detail each of the parties:

  1. Sleep at home.N willno restrictions to your sleeping position (1). Even those who sleep on your side or on your stomach can sleep as if they were at home.
  2. constant Isolation.The primary insulation layer (2) is made of high-quality synthetic fibers. The inner surface of the sleeping area is waterproof and prevents moisture from entering, while it prevents the hot air escape, keeping the heated cell, while outside, a breathable membrane protects the insulation layer from wind and rain.
  3. moisture Management lining and bedroom.Liner: the lining (3a) has a breathable membrane in the face to the skin, and between the membrane and nylon wool for a barrier that retains the heat but allows the passage of moisture from the body. This moisture can be removed from foor (in the form of drops or ice crystals) shaking the liner on the outside, in the morning. Bedroom: Moisture escapes by lining is absorbed by the heated air in the bedroom (3b) and can then flow abroad by opening the zipper adjustable shoulder-length (4).
  4. regulating the temperature.The temperature of the bedroom can be regulated through an opening for zipper.Ventilation is fully adjustable (4) according to weather conditions and cold perception.
  5. bedroom warm and spacious.The bedroom (5) is spacious enough to hold objects such as shoes, gloves or warm clothes or dried. The same goes for food and beverages or smartphones, GPS devices, etc., which must be stored at temperatures above freezing.
  6. All in One Insulator Sleeping Bag and Tent All Together3

The weight ranges from 4.8-5.2 kg depending on the weight of the sleeping bag and insulation, which can have varying weights according to the need of local heat.

Check out the video, in English and with bad narration, but that shows the basics.

All this for the adventurer/camper withstand a temperature of up to -30 degrees. That’s a lot of technology involved to offer warmth, comfort and safety for overnights in expeditions or other outdoor situations.

This system was developed from 20 years of study and innovation won the Gold Prize for industry (by vote of the jury) in 2015, the largest OutDoor fair Outdoor segment, which takes place in Germany.

The product should be available in 2016, but the company is already thinking about the development of new products, to more than one person.

More information about the product can be seen (in English or German) directly on the Polarmond Web site!

Oh … If you’re wondering when it will arrive in Brazil is better wait, since unfortunately usually takes this news, and to appear in Brazilian lands, when they arrive here.