According to, an insulation mat or sleeping pad provides comfort for your sleep when you are at outdoors in tents or directly on the floor for the night. An insulation mat is the extra layer that keeps cold or moisture away from your sleeping bag, and it is important to get a good night’s sleep when you either go trekking or camping out in the wild. A sleeping pad is often constructed of foam or cell plastic, and the material that is very durable.

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The advantage of an insulating mat is that it is incredibly light, and portable to take on the trip out in the wild. Based on wikipedia, some insulation mats have, in addition to the durable foam or plastic, inflatable cell pockets embedded in foam layer, and they provide increased comfort.

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Travel easily and slept well with an insulation mat

The most typical areas of application for an insulation mat which made of foam underlay is on festivals, scout trips or camps-but also on trekking expeditions, where you don’t feel like standing in the wilderness with a punctured air mattress or heavier self-inflating air mattresses. Learn more on An insulation mat is a safe choice, and the underlay is not ready for use in a matter of seconds when you want to relax or sleep out in the wild.

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An insulation mat is also useful when you are working directly on the ground – here a mat will protect you from the ascending cold and moisture, and also be an additional soft layer between your knees and, for example, pebbles, which lie on the ground, and in daily life an insulation can also be very useful. Visit for more.

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