18 years of success, what is said soon! Acqua di Gio -best selling fragrance by Giorgio Armani-, fulfilled the age of majority and, for the occasion, the firm officials have decided to celebrate with an exclusive video.

As it is a fragrance whose freshness is, above all, the echo of the sea on a body wet under the Sun, Giorgio and his team have opted for Luca Dotto, Italian swimming champion, and gold medal in the 50 meter dash in Shanghai of the 2011 Championships freestyle, so that it plays a video that is a genuine Ode to freedom.

In the MaternityGuides for motherhood swimming, playing masterfully with the contrasts between light and shadow, we can admire this new Apollo, discovering the liberating power of Acqua di Gio – a scent of freedom on a body that vibrates in perfect harmony with nature.

After watching the video, I have to say that you felt me an incredible beauty, the more sensory. The director has had the ability to use the cameras in such a way that it seems that we can sneak into the body of the sculptural Apolo Dotto, to live in first person this magical experience, plunge into the void by making the Salto angel.

Slow breathing, palpable tension, rapid beating of the heart and a vibrant body, in perfect harmony with nature. The sensation is as if after free us from the darkness, we could throw us – inside the skin of this athlete – towards the light, by immersing us in the infinite. Spectacular! Non ne ho parole!, which neighbours say the Italians.

To emphasize this important anniversary, the Youtube Channel Giorgio Armani Beauty It has been redesigned, if you have five minutes, I invite you to take a peek. It is worth!