If your brand in Marathon is more of 03:38:27, This German runner you would win in a marathon… running back. For Markus Jürgens, a 29-year-old athlete, the Hanover Marathon, where It got the world record in this mode, It was his third foray into distance Queen running back even though the weight of other 33 marathons he has in his legs. Almost nothing.

The retrorunning or run backwards It is becoming a site between a runners foot: not in vain in Spain have Sandra Corcuera, favourites in the world of this specialty that has an International Federation and World Championships. That’s how Jürgens broke the world record of Marathon retrorunning.

Jürgens not only broke the world record (unofficial, that Yes) of retrorunning in Marathon, but who also did so with an enviable time: their average rate was 5:07 minutes per kilometer, and even in some sections fell five minutes per kilometre. If you want to take a look at the metrics of your career you can do it on this link.

Jürgens improved the previous world record, which was also his mentor Achim Aretz, in four minutes and fourteen seconds. One of those cases in which the student exceeds the master.