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Fiji Business


According to countryaah, Fiji has an agricultural-dominated market economy. The most dominant forage crop is sugar cane, which accounts for 80 percent of total agricultural production.

Business and Economy of Fiji

Other important agricultural products are coconuts, cassava and unpeeled rice. The country's economy weakened dramatically in connection with the military coup in 1987 and the exit from the Commonwealth, which was a direct consequence of this. Fiji then sought new markets for its foreign trade, and during the 1990s the economy was more oriented towards Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. The most important branch of the manufacturing industry is food production (sugar, copra). In mineral production, gold is of the greatest importance. Water energy is the most important source of energy. However, a considerable proportion of Fiji's imports consist of petroleum products. Tourism is a major source of income and gives the country a significant inflow of foreign currency.

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