We decided to lay off the year in the best way: trying to hunt these gold bullion that I particularly love. The team this time was composed by who writes: Oscar cabrera, Juani Lusich, Miguel Saganias, and DJ Franco Gorini bound to Victoria – Entre Rios, because? It is close to and contact me with Victoria fisheries who is already a part of our friends…

Albaro Verbauvede (03436615718) in charge of this company us remove all doubts before leaving the trip, something that not all do… told me:-what do you want fish? How do you want them to fish? and I told him:-gold to hit bait with baitcast… without hesitation told me:-VENI, gonna catch safe. We rented the cabin they have, which has many amenities, a House with two bedrooms 3 girls (box-spring beds) and one double, each one with its air conditioning, a living room, a gallery where a grill with a table and chairs is to eat a roast without moving away from the House and bait guide service , a very large park with beautiful swimming pool, lounge chairs, an open barbecue that has it all: table, chairs, fridge, all to eat well relaxed overlooking the beautiful park. With all this we are when we arrived and at a very good price, I assure them.

We ate a regio roast and try to sleep, something that was not already the fishing day empezaria at 5 am. Being 4:30 am the staff was up waiting that we went into search. At 5 am we passed point to search and we start from the club of fishermen, the intention was to see if we could catch some catfish puppy well early (a bonus our guide wanted us to give away) but was something that did not. Activity was not made to wait, at the second stop Miguel nailed a beautiful pati and a thumb, above the bait and to move, should not be wasted, the wind at that time was almost unbearable.

We seek another place where we started the activity of ingots of gold, something so frantic that it was almost impossible to film all catches, impressive, which if it were a school of Silversides, chipped away almost to touch the water. The teams were several, 2 segments 15/25 lbs and 20/30 lbs rods, a stretch of 10/17 lbs recommend it and if anyone likes risk with something more light something I’ll do in the next MEJORRR… rotating reels of multi 22, and nylon 40 low profile, and a front with 40 nylon , 9/0 hooks, use the owner longshanks, very effective, I personally stick you a small cross with a clamp, infallible. It was so much activity that coming at noon we burn 7 dozens of Brunettes, some had told us good boys was completed, but not… put lures and make baitcast.

She is me Hedgehog skin already that my the bait me crazy. We sail to a place, arrived and I saw her run a little island, mamaaaaa, we were able to stop the boat to bolie leg and went on shore to throw to the currents of the islet. To the second first shot gold, of which there are no pictures because I rushed me so much to get me that I forget the gopro on the boat, place where the boys had been simultaneously nailed another. We were able to nail a 5 in that little place, 4 with lures and 2 with the latest eels. We made a stop for some patis, tremendous fritanga watered with a white wine and rescan for lure. If Yes, led us to continue fishing with dolls.

We stopped at a ridge and also to my second shot I say in the air:-Uuuuhh there didn’t want to shoot and “plammm!” another beautiful dorado, would lure? a foolproof Cardinal. We were all more than satisfied, peeeerooo move us a little bit about the same currents and while looking at the horizon to see them jump out of control. Him said Alvaro, who is moved slowly trying to nos quedara the lance, the result? Two Doublets, which involved with Miguel but could not upload them to the mine since I they unyoked halfway, Miguel perhaps by the place where given the Sun’s were the images more beautiful when swimming with underwire swimwear.

We concluded the day with many doradillos, perhaps almost 40 shots (I guess I don’t need to emphasize that they were all returned) and a friend more, thank you victory fishing