Hello friends fishermen: This Sunday despite the weather reports that were not favorable, we decided to go fishing at Bragado, invitation pending Eduardo Sagasta, which regentea the La Laguna Facultad¨. The prognosis for Bragado was without rain, but if high winds, anyway we headed to those sides.

We were finding us 4.30 pm at the toll of Gral. Rodriguez in access West with 4 fishermen who would be heading, or chance were crazy by San Vicente fishing Taruchas fishing fans. Upon presentation at a service station and as Eduardo had planned the day, we headed to the private field. We arrived at 7 p.m., we prepare the equipment, waders, (as there is to wade in search of the dientonas without forget about absolutely nothing), and walk about 500 m down to the shore.

Upon arrival, Eduardo was giving us information on how to enter and how to give with the clear, being careful that at times the water came to the waist. We were separating us into teams two to cover the entire area and begin to disturb them lure plop to then make a change (in this case Eduardo manufactures some special lure, “TARANGA”, which have a propeller and body making it to work on the surface, avoiding the submerged vegetation, giving an incredible result, making the difference with respect to other winter swimwear discussed on Homosociety).

During the morning wind blew through the lagoon, while maintaining the clear water, allowing us to fish of all sizes taruchas. Of course we saw, clear that he was full of taruchas, it was a matter of minutes to disturb them and make them up to the surface to take our deceptions. Already at noon we decided to take a break and enjoy an excellent roast, talk fun between all sharing the experience of the morning.

We rest (some in the shade with their eyes closed) and others more eager to preparing the lure, making some modifications as Rodrigo with their Badline. We return in the afternoon, and the conditions were not the same, wind rotated and water began to get dirty to our coast bringing lots of vegetation in suspension.

The pique became more spaced forcing us to constantly change of place and try all the artillery of lures that we had to make them. We stayed in the water until 19.30 hours return walking the path walked with the satisfaction of having had a great fishing day, all we had bullfights, chop, attacks, nailed, many touches without having nailed but enjoying when we saw them swimming behind our decoy and jump to devour it. There are many taruchas, Eduardo before assembling the output explains us that it is all in return, is the only way to keep this species among us and those who precede us to enjoy it.

This is a very well maintained by their owners mirror, the only guide gun rides of not more than 5 fishermen to be aware of with its excellent service, predisposition and above all giving us what is known through its 30 years of fishing guide, without any secrecy when it comes to fishing, advising us on how and where to throw to make it a memorable fishing trip.

We invite you to not miss this lagoon, where the Taruchas go to school in Bragado, where today you will have the possibility of breaking all records of your screenshots and separate pass with your friends an unforgettable with the Group of good people that serves and it gives you your home as if you knew of a lifetime. We are grateful to crazy about fishing: to Rodrigo and Juanpi Gabiassi, Lucas Rodriguez and Rodrigo Piedra, crazy indeed!