Where To Travel In August Without Passing Heat

Tired of sun and beach holidays? Choose from these four soft summer destinations or in the winter and travel in August without any heat.

For those of you who have holidays in August, that hot month in which the cities of the interior are emptied, and you have not yet chosen which trip to do, we are going to propose some refreshing destinations that may break you a little the schemes.But where to travel in August not to spend heat if we do not spend the summer in coastal or mountain areas?

There are other possibilities. We have four alternatives to these classic beach vacations, snack bar, swimming pool with cheap bikinis from Thesciencetutor and barbecue in destinations where you will enjoy a winter full of experiences or mild summers in which to enjoy the light and nature. These destinations will allow you to return equally with the charged batteries and, most importantly, with much learned from those incredible experiences. Do you leave the bathing suit in the closet this summer and prepare any of these four trips ?

4 alternative destinations to the sun and beach where to go in August

Chile, skiing in summer

If you are fond of skiing, traveling to Chile in August will allow you to pick up again that equipment that you had stored for several months, so that you do not have to wait until the new winter to practice your favorite sport. And is that the Andes mountain range , natural border between Argentina and Chile, has the highest peaks in America and some of the best ski resorts in the world.

Just 40 kilometers from Santiago de Chile, a city where you can enjoy a few days of its architectural heritage, its museums, wine land and the picturesque neighborhood of Bellavista, is one of the main stations of the country, El Colorado . It opens from June to October and is an excellent option to travel with the family, as this Chilean station has tracks for all levels and a school to start in skiing. The El Colorado complex is also a place where you can stay for a few days and enjoy its gastronomic and leisure offer.

Also near Santiago is one of the most extensive and modern ski resorts on the continent, Valle Nevado. This station is a paradise for those who, in addition to classic skiing, like to practice variants such as acrobatic skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding or heliskiing.

In Valparaíso, 120 kilometers from Santiago, you will find Portillo , an exclusive ski center that has a characteristic hotel for that pool where you can live the unique experience of bathing in the snowy landscape of the Andes.

Further away from the capital, in the center of Chile, is the Termas de Chillán station, ideal for those who, in addition to skiing, enjoy in your trips with those wonderful prints left by Mother Nature. This station allows you to snowmobile the impressive forests that surround it. Another alternative of leisure in Chillán are its hot springs.

Iceland, play sports in nature

Iceland is a country we usually associate with the extreme cold, but if we travel in August we will find a pleasant weather whose maximum temperatures usually do not exceed 25 degrees. Lovers of the long days will also be lucky in this trip, since in August you will see the clarity almost during the 24 hours of the day. In addition to the midnight sun , from the end of August you will be able to contemplate the aurora borealis (surely more than one you were already missing in this post). In Iceland there are “astronomical” hotels whose windows allow us to observe both phenomena and receive classes on them.

Optimal temperature and abundant hours of light allow us to enjoy outdoor activities either on the street or in thecountryside . Iceland is a country with a rich nature that allows us to do many outdoor sports in the summer: hiking, fishing, quad biking or mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, skiing, climbing, paragliding, swimming, diving or horse riding. By the way, it is very typical to mount Icelandic horse on the farms, which also allow you to stay in some of its characteristic houses with grass roof.

Enjoying nature in this Nordic country, you will also visit the “Golden Circle” to the south, formed by geysers geyser geyser Geysir, Thingvellir National Park and the remains of the Althing, and the wonderful waterfall of Gulffos.

In addition, visiting Iceland in August will allow you to make a road trip for those more adventurous road lovers. In summer, the interior roads of the country are open to all vehicles, which does not happen in the rest of the year. Even so, some of them can only be crossed with a 4 × 4.

Paragraph dedicated to urbanites. The attractions of Reykjavík are its nightlife , trendy venues and avant-garde art, Kolaport market and its particular gastronomy, where the most normal thing you can eat is pylsa (hot dog) and fish such as salmon, trout Or cod. And it is that the Icelanders consume shark, whale, puffin, reindeer meat and varied lamb casero. Does it?

Argentina, winter passion

Argentina is one of those countries where we can enjoy to the maximum with some of the best pleasures of this life: wine and good table, dance and nature. Stopping in Buenos Aires, one of your routes could be the one of the milongas of the characteristic tango district of San Telmo . Quiet, you do not have to be Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing , just sign up for an excerpt of tango for beginners, there are many and inexpensive. And is that you can not return from a trip to Argentina without having submerged in the rhythm of the most passionate dance in the world. Among the best-known milongas is certainly the Ideal Confiteria, which encloses between its walls an elegant central hall of the early twentieth century. Also highly recommended are the Canning Hall and the Chip.

Another alternative of enjoyment in Argentina is to make a wine route, for which you will have to travel to Mendoza. A whole experience for the palate with the different flavors of Argentine wines, maridan with delicious typical dishes. Well, for the palate and also for the view, because those landscapes of mountains and vineyards around Mendoza are worthy of photography without filters. The towns that visit are: Maipù, with centuries old vineyards, Luján de Cuyo, with a small and colorful urban center and the Uco Valley, which they call the oasis of the Andes. To these wineries can be easily reached by car from Mendoza, there are even those who do it by bicycle to make a slowtravel and enjoy the landscape so promising that we commented.There are wineries that offer, in addition to tasting and touring the property, cooking courses and vineyard routes with a professional that will make you better understand the quality of the wines of the earth.

Alaska, multiple alternatives to enjoy nature

In this wonderful state of the United States it is possible to witness the beauty of nature in all its essence: forests, glaciers, paths between infinite landscapes, lakes and multiple animal species. We advise you to travel to Alaska in August to all adventurers who love outdoor activities , as it is during this time that the temperatures are milder. The possibilities offered by Alaska are very varied, and one of the essential is to do a day cruise . The most popular are the Glacier Bay or the Kenai and Prince William Sound fjords. These cruises are a perfect opportunity to admire the incredible coastal landscape, which in summer allows us to see whales, seals, sea lions, killer whales, mountain goats and bears. Other unforgettable experiences on your trip in Alaska will be glacier rides , low altitude wildlife flights with an aerial tour or fishing. And tell us the truth, who has not dreamed of a dog sled ride?

One great luxury that you can afford in Alaska in August is to travel by camper , as do many Americans looking for cooler temperatures and incredible scenery that are most enjoyed on a road trip . With the motorhome you can easily reach theDenali National Park , which is worth one of the stages of your trip. There is McKinley Mountain, the highest mountain in America and you can see wild animals in freedom.

The trip could continue with the discovery of the history and legends of this fascinating land in the city of Fairbanks . There you can visit the famous Gold Dredgue No. 8 gold mine and treat yourself to the Chena GHot Springs thermal pools. Do not miss out on Santa Claus ‘s house !

Remember that the destinations that we are proposing have a significant cost for both flights and other reservations such as ski pass, sports activities or guided tours in natural environments. In addition, medical care in these countries could become expensive should you need it. For this reason, we recommend that for this type of vacation, you will get travel insurance with basic coverages that allow you to cover expenses in case of cancellation of travel or medical or surgical assistance. A skiinsurance or sports insurance , in addition to containing the guarantees mentioned above, is extended with other specific coverage derived from the practice of snow sports or outdoors, such as accident assistance or rescue.

So what are you waiting for to change sun and beach tourism for a cool summer vacation in Chile, Iceland, Argentina or Alaska?


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